Bystronic, Bystar 3015, Bylaser 4400 W, 2008

Brand: Bystronic
Model: Bystar 3015, Bylaser 4400 W
Production Year: 2008
Country: Turkey

Brand: Bystronic |Production Year:2008 |Model:Bystar 3015 Bylaser 4400W | Operating Hours:Power On: 70300 h, Turbo blower : 33263 h, Cutting: 17039 h

Pre-owned by Bystronic

Laser Cutting System: Bystronic ByStar3015

Working Area:3000x1500 mm

Laser Power: 4400Watts(4.4kW),Co2-laser

Power On:70300 h

Blower time:33263 h

Cutting Time:17039 h 


  • Shuttle table system with 2 interchanging tables
  • ByVision,STL-SPS-controller with uninterrupted power supply(USV) for panel PC
  • Operator panel with sensitive 15” touchscreen
  • Refletion absorber for cutting non-ferrous and stainless materials
  • 2 cutting heads with 5” and 7.5” lens
  • Dust Exttraction system
  • İnstallation and commisioning(Optional).

More information on demand from seller

Maximum cutting sheet thickness:
Steel: 20 mm
Stainless steel: 12 mm
Aluminium: 10 mm


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